Frequently Asked Questions

For adults the usual dose is 1 tablespoon, i.e. 15 to 22.5 g. You can take it either mixed in a glass of water or directly into the mouth.

We recommend using it on an empty stomach right after waking up and before you go to bed. The recommended time of 2 hours away from a meal can sometimes be hard to fulfil, so try to maintain at least 30 minutes before or after food in order not to reduce Enterosgel's adsorption.

We recommend having Enterosgel at the ready and if you start to feel ill, for example after a meal, take 1 dose of Enterosgel according to age.

It does not really matter whether you take birth control pills before or after Eneterosgel, but you should definitely wait at least 2 hours between them.

Yes, Enterosgel is suitable for diarrhea. Enterosgel is completely safe and is not absorbed, rather "catching" bacteria and viruses from the digestive tract without taking the friendly lactobacilli from the body. However, prolonged or frequent diarrhea should be consulted with your paediatrician! Dehydration can occur rapidly with children! Children older than 1 year of age use 5 g (1 teaspoon) three times a day before meals. A dose of Enterosgel can be stirred into breast milk, water, fruit juice or semi-liquid baby food before using, according to the child's age.

Yes, Enterosgel is recommended for such allergies and use of the locally applied EnteFace skin mask on the affected areas is also recommended.

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