What is Enterosgel and what is it used for?

Enterosgel is a Class IIa medical device.

Enterosgel is an innovative intestinal adsorbent (enterosorbent) that acts in the digestive tract to bind toxins, harmful substances, pathogens and allergens and remove them from the body.

Enterosgel is an appropriate complementary treatment for diarrheal diseases.

Enterosgel® is administered to adults and children in the case of the following illnesses:

Ingredients: polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate 70%, purified water 30%

Enterosgel does not contain sugar, sweeteners, lactose, gluten, fats, colours, flavours or preservatives.

Enterosgel tuba 225g
tube 225 g
Enterosgel tuba 90g
tube 90 g
Enterosgel sáčky 10 ks
sachets in package 10x15g