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Complete body detoxification
unique medical device

Detoxification – cleansing the body


For infants and children


Enterosgel is a protective detoxifying product for people living or working in an environment polluted with civilisation waste products, which concerns, in particular, the inhabitants of large cities and industrial centres. The product is also successfully used for intoxications, such as elimination of heavy metals, radionuclides, and other harmful substances from the body.

Inappropriate lifestyle, the effects of industrial waste products, environmental pollution – this all results in impaired immune functions of the organism, where poisons (toxins) and other harmful substances accumulate. An organism affected by toxins focuses upon their neutralisation, which is much exhaustive for its metabolism and may - in extreme cases - cause its collapse. The affected individuals, however, should actually treat the causes of the disease.
Enterosgel – a cleansing treatment for the body – eliminates the excessive burden on the body presented by toxic waste products from the inner as well as outer environments, it normalises overloaded metabolism, and helps to eliminate undesirable substances from the body.

Enterosgel was originally used for military purposes. Later on, the top experts from military healthcare facilities and therapeutic and preventive institutions defined the following rules for the use of Enterosgel:

  • Use Enterosgel once in 6 months in order to clean the body and to increase its immunity, to prevent the development of diseases.

  • If practicable, use Enterosgel before surgeries, as part of pre-operative preparation, and in post-operative period in order to quickly eliminate metabolic toxic waste products from the body.

  • Enterosgel may be administered together with pharmacotherapy in order to eliminate intoxications of the organism.

For allergies, eczema, dermatitis, and problem skin


The surface of the body – the skin – often reflects gastrointestinal tract disorders. Skin may also reflect, for example, the consequences of food allergies, affecting primarily the gastrointestinal tract. Likewise, acne and certain skin rashes may be associated with metabolic disorders in the body.

Any pathological processes, which are accompanied by damage to the gastrointestinal mucosa, may result in the development of allergic conditions. When acne and other skin rashes occur, various ointments and other external use products which combat the consequence rather than the cause of the disease are being applied. These are the very situations when Enterosgel as the cleansing treatment for the body should be used. Enterosgel surface binds both food and non-food allergens, which reduces the antigenic load.

The spatial structure of Enterosgel could be compared to a "sponge" with pores, which absorb molecules of allergens and other harmful substances inside. Any harmful substances which this "sponge" takes in during its passage through the digestive tube are subsequently, after passage through the colon, excreted by this sponge from the body through stool. An important aspect of this mechanism is the fact that the "sponge" does not enter any chemical reactions in the body, i.e. it is not involved in any metabolic process.

Enterosgel is based on organic silicon, which in terms of its physico-chemical properties is similar to carbon. This is why it is well taken in by the body. Having absorbed the harmful substances in the digestive tract, the product has completed its task and is naturally excreted to the lavatory bowl. Let us now go back to our example of acne and certain forms of eczema. When the organism has been relieved of the toxic burden in the aforementioned way, the itching ceases and the skin cleanses.

This way Enterosgel may help in various allergic dermatoses (atopic dermatitis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, acute and chronic hives), non-allergic dermatoses, sunburns as well as acne.

Surely not all skin conditions may be treated with this method. A consultation with a doctor is necessary in case of any disease, yet during any treatment it is much desirable to normalise the metabolism and to reduce the metabolic burden on the liver and kidneys. In this respect, Enterosgel provides substantial and medically harmless assistance. It will support the organism and will help it to independently and naturally resolve problems caused by the disease.

Dealing with acne and complexion problems


For poisonings, diarrhoea, and gastrointestinal problems


Have you already got your diving goggles, fins and swimsuit? Pack yet one more indispensable thing for your holiday travels – Enterosgel. The sudden change of climate, diet (such as exotic cuisine - shashlic, kebabs or exotic fruit, etc.), drinking habits (beer, cocktails), together with overeating indeed poses a real threat for digestive tract organs, and not everybody is able to manage. And it is here where Enterosgel comes to help. That is why Enterosgel should be part of every first-aid kit at every home and in every travel luggage.

A shock dose of Enterosgel helps combat any poisoning. Enterosgel absorbs all harmful substances from the body and sends the bound substances naturally off to the lavatory bowl. Enterosgel establishes comfort for your intestinal tract, providing it with "five-star accomodation" for the duration of your holiday.

Accelerates the break-down of alcohol



ENTEROSGEL carries alcohol and its break-down products away from the organism, without affecting the substances beneficial for our health.

Alcohol and its smell are not masked, but they are actually eliminated from the blood, intestinal tract, and breath.

Use 3 tablespoons of Enterosgel after the celebration and then again in the morning.

As a result, Enterosgel will protect the body from the harmful effects of alcohol – hangover, headache and slowed-down reactions. The burden on the liver and other organs will be also much reduced.

Always carry Enterosgel with you, to be able to afford something extra from time to time!

Suitable supplementation to antibiotic treatment


Antibiotics are intended for the treatment of diseases induced by pathogenic organisms. When using antibiotics, not only microbes – the disease agents - die, but also the normal intestinal microflora is damaged. When the microflora is destroyed, particles containing toxic substances accumulate in the intestinal tract and they are absorbed in blood, which means that the toxic load of the body keeps increasing.

This is the underlying cause of a general physical as well as mental weakness, when one does not feel well, and sexual functions are also diminished. Enterosgel can help even here. It is a sorbent, an "organic silicon sponge" of its own type, which absorbs all harmful microbes and toxins from the intestinal tract and carries them away from the body, while all necessary ferments and vitamins are preserved in the organism. When using Enterosgel, the beneficial microflora is quickly restored in the intestinal tract. People regain their strength, their mood improves, and their skin cleanses. One more detail: Enterosgel is not absorbed in the body, but it is eliminated without any residues, and therefore it is not possible to overdose it.




Now available in a new package containing practical single-dose sachets.